Lent: Officium Defunctorum

Now we enter the great fast of Lent and turn our minds to separating ourselves to all things that separate us from God. It is an opportune time to pray for the Dead. Conventionally the Vespers of the Dead are said after Sunday Vespers with Mattins and Lauds Monday morning followed by a Requiem Mass. To continue this tradition, kept on this blog for several years, I invited you to list your loved ones and join us in praying the Office of the Dead on the Mondays of Lent.

Below is our production of the Officium Defunctorum from a prior Advent made available for your download and use. It contains the full Office, with the Invitatorium at Mattins, the preces for Vespers and Lauds, as well as instructions for the unique circumstances in which one could pray the Dirige. Feel free to share with interested friends.

Please give your intentions below and, if possible, participate in the Office this season.


  1. Thank You, The Rad Trad, for this Officium Defunctorum.

    Please may I add The Deceased Relatives and Friends of The Hurley Family.

    in Domino.

  2. Thanks for doing this again. My wife and I will try to join you.
    For the repose of
    Maldonado family. Paz family. Houston family. Ross family.
    For a good and holy death of a childhood friend of mine, Matthew mead.

  3. Besides my deceased grandparents and father, I want to add my mother's deceased relatives, especially recent ones, and my father's as well.

  4. Thank you for this!
    Please add to your intentions the repose of the souls of my parents and grandparents:
    John and Suzanne Mikul
    Peter and Eleanor Kent
    John and Margaret Mikul
    Thank you.