Sunday, December 16, 2012

Episcopal Visit

The Roman Bishop of Manchester, Monsignor Peter Libasci, visited my Melkite parish for the Sunday of the Ancestors of Christ. Bishop Nicholas Samra, the Melkite ordinary for the United States, sent his warm wishes and his desire to have been present at such a liturgy.

His Excellency gave a marvellous sermon on the gospel, Luke's account of Christ's parable of a man inviting people off the street to his banquet after the regular invitees turned him down, and related it to those accepting God's invitation to the Divine Life after the Sandy Hook shooting.

Particularly moving was the end of the liturgy, when we praised God and asked Him to grant His high priest, Bishop Libasci, many years.

Below the Bishop administers the blessing with the cross after Liturgy and poses with our parish priest.

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