Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Attack on Peace?

For many years now the Pope has practiced the custom of releasing a dove as a symbol of peace on certain days of the year, usually in the wake of some tide of violence. This weekend the Holy Father released a dove from his window of the Vatican Palace to commemorate the mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust, a time which he himself must recall vividly.

Pope releases a dove to commemorate the Holocaust
source: Daily Mail
This day the small ceremony was given a twist of irony when seconds after the Pontiff released the dove, the bird was attacked by one of those nasty little winged swine known as a seagulls. Seagulls, which are most commonly found searching for french fries in the parking lot of the local McDonald's, no matter how far inland you are, make a nice analogy to modern culture for us: the fat, nasty materialist molesting peace with great violence.

The dove flees the Apostolic Palace for its life!
source: Daily Mail

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