Saturday, April 12, 2014


Last night after the Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts the priest and I chatted about the usual things when his son pointed out the multiplying presence of some very large bugs and insects. One of them, about the size of the Hope Diamond, had six legs. Big. Creepy. It had to die.

As I was about to administer righteous justice upon it the priest intervened and said, "No, it wants to live!" to which I retorted "But I want it to die!"

Bugs have something of a place in the faith. Locusts played a part in the re-conversion of England under St. Augustine of Canterbury. St. Anthony of Egypt would stare at ant mounds when ambulating meditatively. God used insects as a plague against the Pharaoh prior to the Exodus. Still, like Hyacinth Bucket I have no affection for the little "creepy crawlies." Indeed when my own garden has an ant hill I get the spray and commit genocide on the little things. 

Should I respect the creepy crawlies more or am I fine?


  1. I'm still stuck on Hyacinth Bucket...

  2. Let them live - no one is asking to go and sit naked on an anthill or pray standing in a mosquito-infested swamp.