Monday, May 12, 2014

Divine Wrath?

It is raining as in the days of the Flood here in northern Texas. Just today the Rad Trad offended God and decided to go to Confession just as the foul weather doubled in potency. At the apogee of the downpour the Rad Trad's car (the Tradmobile?) was stopped at a corner, waiting to turn on to the Dallas Tollway. Then, suddenly, a thunderous explosion shook the ground and the Tradmobile. His Traddiness looked up and saw that lightning struck the telephone pole next to the car and blew up the power transformer at the top. Fire and sparks descended upon the Tradmobile, although the rain happily prevented any damage to the car on the part of the searing heat. The traffic lights lost power and went into blinker mode. His Traddiness then hit the accelerator and sped to the nearby church to confess his sins, reminded by the Divine Wrath of his own mortality!


  1. Hahaha thank you for the laugh! On second thought, I should get to confession myself.

  2. LOL! I had a similar experience myself today.

    Having not been on my best behavior lately, I, too, decided to go to confession today. I was met on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with what could only be described as a Thunderstorm fit for Texas. As my cousin from Houston says, "a real frog-strangler." Car after car was pulled to the side, but having been thwarted by Ol' Scratch yesterday, I pressed on.

    Feels good to be shriven my brother!