Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thoughts on Thinking

".... for her own have fallen away and forsaken her, and while they are leading a false and unbecoming life, other unworthy persons, seeing that she has no kinsmen to be her protectors, enter in and dishonor her; and fasten upon her the reproaches which, as you say, her reprovers utter, who affirm of her votaries that some are good for nothing....
"And when persons who are unworthy of education approach philosophy and make an alliance with her who is in rank above them, what sort of ideas and opinions are likely to be generated? Will they not be sophism captivating to the ear, having nothing in them genuine, or worthy of or akin to true wisdom?" —The Republic, Book VI 

Plato was talking about philosophy, but the original thinker's words could just as easily apply to theology, liturgy, or even intelligent thought in our current atmosphere. 

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  1. I can see myself as one of those unworthy of the matters they talk about. And, yes, you are right, Rad Trad: intelligent thought is nowadays becoming less and less frequent.

    K. e.