Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Guess It's My Turn

....to say something about the French magazine shoot up. The national presses are reacting to this, rather than the removal of the Christian population from northern Iraq, because it impinges upon their ultimate sacrament: the right to say or do anything with impunity. Charlie Hebdo wrote and published blasphemous things about Christianity and promotes Marxist politics. This was not a magazine for normal people attacked on account of its upright content or daring reporting. This was a fringe magazine attacked and massacred because it pushed the wrong people too far. Catholics are the press's punching bag. We take it and have for years now. Muslims, or a very active minority of them, would rather the publisher die than themselves die of laughter. I have absolutely nothing good to say about Islam and believe it to be, when fully practiced in devotion, the remnant of an insane cult. That said, Charlie Hebdo is hardly off the proverbial hook. Imagine a school field trip to the zoo. The class bully steals everyone's lunch money and buys himself a juicy burger. He punches out a nice young man so he can sit next to the fellow's girlfriend on the bus. At the zoo he taunts the animals, making foul faces at the lions and chirping at the bears. Then, unassumingly, he does the same to the monkeys, only monkeys, while not quite as potent as lions or bears, are quite creative at being devious. The monkey takes a rock from his cage and hurls it through the bars, striking the bully o n the head and leaving him in a coma. Is it tragic? Yes. Did he deserve it? No, but one could be forgiven for not being overwhelmed at the matter.

Truth be told, I feel most sorry for the hostages the Muslim terrorists killed. They earned no part in this mess.


  1. Well said. There is a filthy piece out there floating around entitled "How the Catholic Church Made Its Peace with Charlie." It encapsulates everything wrong with mainstream "Catholicism."

  2. In Spain, the very day the attack happende, everybody begun blaming not Islam, but the Church, for "being just the same thing Islam is". Everybody is claiming that Islam is not this, and that to critizice it is a crime against humanity. It seems to me that people has become mad.

    I only disagree with you about one single point: I actually believe those "drawers" did deserve what happened to them. Indeed, they deserved an even harsher doom. Of course the innocent victims deserve our respect, and prayers.

    K. e.

    1. [E]verybody began blaming not Islam, but the Church, for "being just the same thing Islam is".

      You may as well shrug. It's generally fruitless to interrupt a conditioned reflex. When the bell rings, these folks expect dinner. And they expect it's the same person ringing the bell.

      Nonetheless, it's sad to see what has become of what was once such a staunchly Catholic society.

  3. I remember a comedian who once said "The perfect fodder for mockery is the the Catholic Church. A lot of people will get offended, but you'll get away with it."

    I also remember a family whose little daughter wanted to get back at her cousin for something. She used the justification "An eye for an eye and a hand for a hand" (having just read... something in school history that week).
    The father replied, "We're not Jewish!"
    The daughter shot back, "Fine! An arm for a hand!"
    The father replied again, "We're not Muslim either!"

  4. What is absurd is the claim of free speech when any sentient being knows that a man will be thrown in jail in France for publicly denying the Nazi war crimes against the Jews or they will have water canons turned on them if they peacefully demonstrate in opposition to the sacrament of sodomy - so called gay weddings.

    There are not a few rational arguments this was a false flag operation but one does not know who to think about them although it is good practice to assume what the acceptable media tells us is most likely a lie