Wednesday, March 23, 2016


My best friend, who told me to start this blog rather than wallow in post collegiate doldrums, called me today to regale me with a series of important events. In the end, it went something like this:

  • Rad Trad went into a six hour finance meeting today to talk about process improvement. She quit her job and, using her massive financial reserves, is planning a flight to Denmark and a foot trek around the Continent.
  • Tomorrow the Rad Trad will discuss integration planning for a merger. She, an un-baptized person, will be looking into making the via de Santiago.
Everyone's turn comes on God's time....

She is a very vivacious person whose personality was as ill-suited as mine for corporate life. While a little jealous, I am very happy that she found the courage to break free and take possession of her life back. What will depleted savings and a six month absence from employment do to her eventual re-entry to the job market? Perhaps she will build a greater savings in heaven.

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