Saturday, February 11, 2017

A New Bishop

Thursday's installation mass at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe gave Dallas Catholics a new bishop, Edward Burns. The mass itself was rather banal and bursting with concelebration, and I was able to watch it online while simultaneously getting some work done. I managed to snag a few screenshots during the live stream for our readers' edification.

The Knights of Columbus dress better than all present clerics.
An audience that will fail to appreciate the Gospel being read in Spanish.
The letter of installation from P. Francis is read.
Bp. Burns shows the letter to the people.
Greeted by a representative from the ELCA, the liberal branch of the American Lutherans.
More promisingly, he is greeted by the Coptic Orthodox.
Cdls. Farrell and Wuerl in attendance, looking very pleased.
The Concelebration Flashmob
Fully installed.
Man with a memorable tie live-tweets his episcopal encounter.


  1. Ever notice how virtually all these Novus Ordo "installation Masses" tend to become performances of sentimentalism and narcissism? You can see it in the endless pictures of people hugging, embracing and smiling at each other. It's another consequence perhaps of the disoriented direction of the Novus Ordo Mass.

  2. I realize that "installation" has a proper usage in regard to abbots or provosts (who actually sit in a choir stall), but in the case of bishops it seems more like avoidance of "enthronement" or "taking possession" of the cathedral for the sake of something more neutral and democratic-sounding. Unfortunately, "installation" is more usually used to refer to a military base or to hooking up some major appliance, like a dishwasher or a stove.