Sunday, April 23, 2017

French Elections: A Bad Soufflé?

source: The Sun
Have you ever gone through the bother of making an ornate dinner for a party only to have to eat a disastrous resultant dish? A soufflé that did not rise? Overcooked steak? A béarnaise that scrambled? French voters are going through a similar experience right now.

The French Republic sent God to the guillotine in the 1790s, although the Church was allowed to exist independently until 1905, when the government nationalized Church property including hospitals and schools. Since then the official policy of France has been secularism in a post Christian age. Marine Le Pen herself extols France's take on secularism, which is effectively a resolute irreligion in the public sphere, but tolerance for fragments of the Christian age gone by.

Islam does not fit very well into this narrative. Some French have taken to calling their growing immigrants les rats. Middle Eastern Muslims live in a different narrative of the roles of the sexes, the place of religion in the public sphere, legal procedure, and the nature of God Himself than either Catholic or secular Frenchmen.

And what can they do about it? Nothing. Much like their older brother, the United States, the French government's official irreligion tolerates differences, which peaceably keeps us until we become too different. Even a culturally Christian country nation like Hungary or Poland could reasonably flaunt the E.U. and deny immigrants from Muslims countries. France has no such pretext unless they wish to argue the burqa is unattractive against the backdrop of churches museums. So to stop immigration and related terrorism Le Pen must resort to preaching positive secularism from years gone by while her opponents are more in tune with today's secularism. But as any Catholic knows, there is little more to conservatism than conserving yesterday's liberalism in the face of today's liberalism.

Regardless of how the election turns out there is a fundamental dishonesty in how the question of immigration must be framed. But France has spent over two centuries cooking this secular dinner with the butchered pieces of Christianity, now she must eat it.


  1. But France has spent over two centuries cooking this secular dinner with the butchered pieces of Christianity, now she must eat it.

    At least while she can - at least until it is no longer considered halal. Which, if indeed 4 in 10 babies born in France really are to those living in that different narrative, might be a day not so far off as some think. Unless, perhaps, they have been reading Houllebecq.

    Another fine essay, RT.

  2. Regicide is always revolution reified;
    Deicide was Satan by Jews glorified

    France can, and will, recover her glory as Catholic Prophecy indicates a Great Monarch rising in France (after civil wars in Italy, France, England and a regional war in Germany against Russian troops etc) whereas Israel is forever dead as a nation and can only deliver death and destruction until such time as it (highly improbable) is regrafted onto the root of Jesus.

    Besides, The Catholic Church is the new Israel whereas France is the deadest daughter of the Church.

    ABS is glad he and the Bride went to France when they did. It was then still a very pretty city with great food, wine, art, and a very beautiful cemetery at the foot of Montmartre.(ABS still thinks there is good cause to have that crummy glass carbuncle at the Louvre blowed-up and toss IM Pei into prison).

    Notre Dame was a sick joke with the table in the sanctuary before the old high altar but a three iron away was the gorgeous Sainte Chapelle.

    But, for the time being - fiddy or more years- Paris has gone; elle est morte.