Thursday, May 25, 2017

REPOST: Why Look Down, Men of Galilee?

"I may be allowed to say that the disciples' slowness to believe that the Lord had indeed risen from the dead, was not so much their weakness as our strength. In consequence of their doubts, the fact of the Resurrection was demonstrated by many infallible proofs. These proofs we read and acknowledge. What then assureth our faith, if not their doubt? For my part, I put my trust in Thomas, who doubted long, much more than in Mary Magdalene, who believed at once. Through his doubting, he came actually to handle the holes of the Wounds, and thereby closed up any wound of doubt in our hearts." —St. Gregory the Great, 29th sermon on the Gospels


  1. Men who never go to the Lil' Licit Liturgy are being deprived of insightful exegesis. For example, today at the Sunday celebration of The Thursday Ascension, the Presider regaled us with his afflatic inspiration that Jesus did not really ascend into Heaven but, rather, He remained with us.

    And the, at the end of the LIl' Licit Liturgy, he told us to Go be Eucharist for one another which, it must be admired, is a challenge.

    It was an early 7:30 A.M. celebration of The Lord's Supper that was accomplished in relatively little time but that is prolly accounted for by the fact the Presider forgot the Gloria today.

    And this is what now passes for Catholic worship in this most execrable of epic epochs.

  2. Not quite ROFL but that's funny. Usually I mentally tune out of New Mass sermons, if ever I'm socially obliged to be there. Don't need the blood pressure issues from following them closely.

    Pope St Gregory the Great was a wondrous homilist. It is obvious, but the contrast with the output of New Priests is, em, striking. Did V2 decree that homilies, or more appropriately for the NOM, sermons, could no longer have a beginning, middle and end, or coherence or something resembling orthodoxy?