Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fall and Redemption According to St. Bernard

The Rad Trad is contemplating another series of some kind, since his readers do seem to enjoy them. His series on body language in the Mass, the Papal Coronation, and the Reasons for the Reform of the Roman Rite are by far his most read posts. Rad Trad welcomes any input from readers, or suggestions pertaining to their favorite subjects.
It is Saturday, which means today is Our Lady's day. We celebrate the Resurrection in some sense every Sunday, the day that glorious event took place. The Saturday before the Resurrection Our Lady remained faithful though Jesus was buried in the tomb. So we should always dedicate some time on Saturday to thinking about Mary's devotion to Our Lord. To aid this effort, consider this sermon of St. Bernard on the Apocalypse ch. 12 taken from Mattins:
It was indeed a serious injury that one man and one women inflected on us, dearly beloved; but thanks to God, it was also by one Man and one woman that all things were restored, and with a great increase of grace too. For "not like the offense is gift", on the contrary the benefits received are greater than the loss sustained. Yes, that was how the Maker supreme in good judgment and in kindness plied His craft: what had been bruised, He did not break. Rather, He remade it completely in such a way as to be in more advantage to us: out of the old Adam He made a new Man; Eve He transformed into Mary.

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  1. Dear The Rad Trad.

    Thank you for your ongoing, most interesting, Posts.

    I do agree that your recent "Series" of Articles were "Must Reads".

    May I suggest a possible Series on "The Doctors of the Church" ?

    Saint Hildegard von Bingen was recently made a Doctor of the Church and, I believe, there are now about 34 Doctors. So, plenty of material for your excellent Blog, perhaps.

    For your edification, and further to our recent discourse on the matter, three Masses at Blackfen, Kent, England, recently, were:

    Mass IV, Credo I;
    Mass VIII, Credo III;
    Mass VI, Credo VI.

    Looking forward to your next Series of Articles.

    in Domino.