Monday, June 3, 2013

Orbis Factor

A recent post on the Abbey of Rievaulx by Zephyrinus concludes with an "organum" setting of the "farced" Kyrie Orbis Factor. Such settings were often named for the opening lines of their "farcing." For instance, "Orbis Factor, Rex Aeterne, eleison! Kyrie eleison!" ("Maker of the world, Eternal King, have mercy! Lord, have mercy!") While searching for other farced settings I came across Christopher Tye's quasi-polyphonic version of the Orbis Factor. The music is an interesting and pleasing blend medieval piety with a controlled, moderated polyphony. Have a listen.


  1. Your choice of Christopher Tye's version of the Orbis Factor is an excellent one, if I might say so.

    Thank you for the mention and you will be pleased to know that, last Saturday, at Our Lady Of The Rosary, Blackfen, Kent (Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Finigan), the wonderful Choir sang Mass XIV (for use within an Octave) and Credo IV.

    Blackfen has a Scholar Mass on the first Saturday of each month at 1030hrs. Plus, a Missa Cantata every Sunday at 1030hrs. The full panoply of the eighteen Mass Settings can be heard at Blackfen across the Liturgical Year. Come along and experience Divine Liturgy in all its forms. Plus, a rather good Social Club, afterwards.

    May I reciprocate your good wishes for the Octave of Corpus Christi to your good self and all Readers of "The Rad Trad".

    1. Thank you. Fr. Finigan's reputation has reached some of us in the States. He is a stalwart of the Roman rite and you are blessed to have him, as he is blessed to have a parish willing to cooperate in his work.