Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Landed Safely

Thanks for your prayers, especially to John, who recommended the Itinerarium!

Yes, I really flew JetBlue and really rode in this puddle-hopping crapbox.
My 74 inches of height could not fully extend in the restroom....


  1. Thank God both that you're back and have arrived safely, especially in view of your transport. I tried several times to send my good wishes BEFORE your arrival but various systems wouldn't allow me to. Assuming this works, I shall have to content myself with congratulating you for getting there!

    Now, dear Trad, you are in a position to test out a socio-economic theory often discussed over here these days. In fact I am rather afraid you are going to be living it. It has been alleged that the reason the euro-zone doesn't work and the US does is that people CAN move around your country and experience the same linguistic culture, meaning that moving for work is possible there. You should be able to judge shortly!
    And so now it only remains for me to say,

    The best of British luck to you.

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