Thursday, January 23, 2014

Take Action!

Wells Cathedral in England, run by the Church of England, has scheduled a screening of the heretical and blasphemous film The Last Temptation of Christ, during which Christ actually gets down from the Cross and contemplates a temporally satisfying life. The film is scheduled to show on Friday the 25th, so make your objection known now. With these sorts of things quantity of dissatisfaction exceeds quality. A one or two line objection would do.

From Zephyrinus:

Contact details:
  • The Bishop's Office:  Please note that although the See is vacant at present the diocesan website suggests making contact by either: writing to the Bishops' Office, The Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset BA5 2PD, phoning 01749 672341 or emailing the Bishop of Taunton:
  • The Chancellor of the Diocese: The Worshipful Timothy Briden at
  • Lambeth Palace: Revd Dr Malcolm Brown, Director of Mission and Public Affairs at


  1. Thank You, The Rad Trad.

    Your support is very much appreciated.

    in Domino.

  2. May I ask why they are showing it? As propaganda or for educational purposes? That's a very ill chosen location.