Monday, April 28, 2014


Today this blog hit 100,000 unique views. Less than a year ago we hit 10,000 and marked it as a milestone in readership, as in the first month this blog had 177 hits. Now we tend to get about 500 hits a day, not bad considering that when I took a leave of absence we were getting around 180-200 a day. Each month since December has been a new all-time high, thanks primarily to the dedication and patience of subscribers and regular readers. I appreciate your loyalty.

The top ten most viewed posts on this blog, in order of popularity, are:
  1. Sedevacantism
  2. Practical Effects of Ultramontanism
  3. URGENT: Papal Bull on 1962/5 Missal and Reform of Roman Liturgy
  4. Book Review: The Banished Heart: Origins of Heteropraxis in the Catholic Church by Dr. Geoffrey Hull
  5. Good Friday: Mass of the Pre-Sanctified
  6. I'm Done
  7. The Last Acceptable Error?
  8. Yet Another Dallas Area Church
  9. The Roman Rite in Transition
  10. Reasons for the Reform of the Roman Rite Part I: Feasts
Clearly the old Roman liturgy and the authentic place of the papacy are on people's minds, as well as bad architecture in Dallas.

I would also like to add that I am grateful for the opportunity to correspond with many of your privately and for the chance to share thoughts and cultivate ideas with you all.

I will pick up again on our series on the Lyonese Missal this weekend, having stalled during Lent, and see about reviewing another Lesser Known Father, perhaps St. Andrew of Crete.

Thank you again,
The Rad Trad

St. Felix of Valois, pray for us!

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  1. Dear Rad Trad. I truly appreciate your intellect and industry. Soldier on...