Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Post on SVism

source: Huffington Post, selfie with the Roman Pontiff
Readers will remember my post Sedevacantism several months back. It is, quite inexplicably, my most-read post ever, I suspect because there is little mainstream discussion on the subject that examines both its claims and its historical origins. For those with a continuing interest in the subject see this fellow's post on the topic at Shameless Popery. The blogger is a seminarian who follows what label makers would categorize as neo-conservative Catholicism and his post, a very basic point-by-point rebuttal to sedevacantism, seems geared toward those pulling out their hairs over Francis rather than those concerned with the broader problems in the Church. What is interesting about his post is that he felt compelled to write it. The original wave of sedevacantism came during the late papacy of Paul VI and the early years of John Paul II. Could Francis be fostering new signals on the EKG of empty-chair outlook?


  1. oh my....same old same old...John XXII and the rest...sigh

  2. for the first link

  3. Hardly the same old same old.

    Francis has my assent, but I admit to entertaining profound doubt that his predecessor gave up his office "in complete freedom."

    As for sedevacantism, I won't consider that (at least till October).

    I would think that for the Francis doubters out there, my suspicion and fear are the most common.

  4. Based on anecdotal evidence, the SVs smell blood in the water and have been kicking it into high gear since the election of Pope Francis. This has been helped considerably by new media via Restoration Radio, aka the Cekada-Dolan-Sanborn network, though I'll admit to listentng to their broadcasts with some interest and regularity. They seem to be making some "converts" among the disaffected SSPX-SO resistance types.

    Truth be told, there is a Francis effect, and all of us could be looking for "easier" solutions to put our minds at ease. I take what useful and truthful grains I can from even SVists, but recognize just the same that like the Great Western Schism, God has chosen for the Church to be in a state of massive confusion at present and there is no easy solution - i.e. ultramontanism applied in the SV way or in the Neo-Con Cath way.

  5. Fr Cekada is not only very informative to read ( I don't agree with his conclusions & Fr Hunwicke eviscerated his position of invalid ordinations) but he is also wry and sly. His asides alone make Work of Human Hands worth reading.