Saturday, June 28, 2014

Learning Something New

Last night, after a wonderful excursion into the world of gastronomy, a friend and I were taking a stroll through a shopping district when we came up a fellow with quartercards who wanted "Just a minute of our time."

"Do you know Jesus?" he asked.
"Yes. Or at least we think so. Laudetur Iesus Christus!"
"Uh, oh. Cool! So do you guys go to church?" he continued.
"Yes," I replied. "A Greek Catholic church."
"Does that mean everything is in Greek?"
"No, my friend. In ancient times the Catholic Church had many places that gave rise to their own traditions of worship and theology. To be a 'Greek Catholic' just means following the way of worship that came out of Greek Christianity."
"Oh, well that's, uh, that's really cool."
"Thank you for your time and God bless," I closed.
"Yeah. Yeah, man thanks and have a good night."

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