Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Surge in Interest

In just a week's time our post on St. George's in Sudbury has become our second most viewed post ever, trailing only our exposé on sedevacantism. It has been advertised on Fr. Chadwick and the "Young Fogey's" blogs, as well as numerous Facebook links I cannot trace. Why the interest? 

I can somewhat see why there was interest in the sedevacantism post: many people were flummoxed by the election of the current pope and needed the historical version of a stiff drink to calm down. Why the search into "high" church Catholicism though? Perhaps his Traddiness is being optimistic, but he hopes that it reflects an interest in more than fine photography. Perhaps some Catholics have scratched the surface of "tradition" and find the myriad things underneath—the liturgy, the Fathers, the history—more fulfilling than what is at the top. Perhaps some wish to be reminded of the spiritual depth of the worship of God that we can aspire to supply, yes, even in regular parishes. Perhaps, frustrated by bureaucracy and papal headlines, Catholics want to think about an organic, locally rooted practice of faith that the Norman tradition once provided. Or perhaps Catholics just want to look at pretty pictures.


  1. Thank you, The Rad Trad, for another First-Class Article.

    In answer to your mooted question "Why the interest?", I would say "All that you have expressed in your last paragraph".

    Keep up the excellent Blog.

    in Domino

  2. I found your article on St George's (reposted by a friend on Facebook) so interesting that I went to visit the place (I travel through Harrow daily, and it's in a part I hadn't discovered yet). It's still a nice little place with signs of sound life, but a bit too far off the beaten track for me to get to for mass on any regular basis.