Thursday, November 12, 2015


It is Ordo season and the usual suspects are promoting their favorite schedules for the recitation of the Divine Office and celebration of Mass. Do read the review of the only Ordo Recitandi Officii Divini Sacrique Peragendi endorsed by this blog, produced by the St. Lawrence Press, which follows the 1939 typical edition, the last version issued before the reform movements of Pius XII and Paul VI. It should also be noted that it is the best researched, conceived, and executed copy; my only cavil is that a spiral bound book might lay flatter in a sacristy. The abbreviations, rubrics, and variable instructions are quite clear—if one knows Latin.

My review also includes an informative and engaging interview with the compiler about the origins of his Ordo and of the traditionalist movement. Have a book and buy a copy here!

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