Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Podcast Episodes That Will Never Be Recorded

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Episode 1

Audio problems abound. Of our three participants, only one bothers to buy and use a real microphone. The others are being recorded through Skype.

Topic of conversation: Why we are doing a podcast (dubbed The Radcast).

Episode 2

His Tradiness and Mr. Grump discuss Chartreuse for 15 minutes, then quibble about whether coffee can be good for an hour.

Promised guest for the next episode is a local priest who secretly celebrates the pre-1955 Roman Holy Week.

Episode 3

No special guest. His Tradiness and Mr. Ecclesiastical Vigilante discuss the merits of the Eastern rites for three hours.

Episode 4

A 20-minute update about why there has not been a podcast in over a month.

Episode 5

Steve Skojec is our special guest as Mr. Grump complains about Pope Francis. His Tradiness is nowhere to be found.

Episode 6

In a desperate attempt for new listeners, The Radcast discusses the newest popular movie, dissecting it for Catholic themes that don't actually exist. Mr. Grump complains about Steven Greydanus and his hack reviews.

Movie reviewed: The Ghostbusters (remake). Special guest: A traddy priest who is not an exorcist but preaches about occult errors at least once a month.

Episode 7

Michael Voris's wig is discussed—Church Militant described hilariously as "his beard." Mr. Voris STB's hypocrisy of attacking bishops but not the bishop of Rome also discussed.

Comment section overwhelmed by two CM interns demanding we retract any statements casting doubt on Mr. Voris's masculinity.

Episode 8

"The St. Joseph Episode," as it comes to be called. Mr. Grump rants solo about Josephite devotion and bad history for four hours.

Episode 9

The violent death of St. Gengulphus and the hilariously vulgar punishment of his killers is recounted. Some brief attempt is made to tie this in to contemporary controversies surrounding the family.

Also, the arts of compiling hagiography and medieval legendariums is considered.

Episode 10

Live commentary during an online video stream of Bp. Williamson's latest consecration, complete with drinking game. A great deal of well-made scotch is consumed during the sermon.

Episode 11

St. Corbinian's Bear calls in for half an hour, produces mostly unintelligible growls.

Episode 12

The hosts call the Catholic Answers Live radio show, purporting to be interested in their topic of the day: "Why Be Pro-Life"? Once on the air, they pretend to be drunk and belligerently demand Karl Keating to talk about Japan.

Episode 13

A 5-minute update explaining why there hasn't been a new episode for two months. Also, the final episode.

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  1. I was getting really into podcasts for awhile there. Slowly I realized I just didn't have as much interest in extremely detailed early Church history as I thought I did. Also, the "Catholic manliness" trendiness stuff feels a little over-the-top. The stories/journalism from the non-religious stuff were OK but not enough to keep me from just jumping podcast-ship entirely. I'm sure I'll get tired of driving in silence again eventually though.

    1. I've found few podcasts that can hold my interest. One can only listen to badly structured discussions for so long.

  2. You forgot the "Special Halloween Episode", where J, the Trad, and EV sit around the proverbial campfire to share prophecies, conspiracies, and conspiracy theories. J talks about Sungenis/Geocentrism while Trad+EV trade stuff from Malachi Martin before detailing how JP1 must have been murdered. Fake apparitions are brought up, the EV goes off on the fishiness of La Salette, and then his Tradiness changes the subject to the various Third Secret theories. The episode ends with a breakdown of Mary Ball Martinez's "Undermining of the Catholic Church" and three lubricated-but-not-drunk men.

    This cult hit episode makes the rounds on sedevacantist blogs, resistance blogs, and fisheaters to varying reception. The Vigilante puts it on youtube and "innocently" posts a link to it on Catholic Answers forums under a new account. Both the post and the Vigilante's account are quickly deleted by the mods.