Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quick Introspection

from: franthony.com
The Rad Trad will publish a short bonus post in his series on the Lesser Known Fathers concerning De Incarnatione by St. Athanasius, which the Rad Trad found while looking for Athanasius' writings on St. Anthony of Egypt. De Incarnatione is not an obscure text, but it certainly gets a backseat to De Trinitate, the Athanasian Creed, and some of his letters.
Now, the Rad Trad thought it might be fun for his readers to know a little bit about themselves, a quick little introspection. 60.5% of readers hail from the Rad Trad's own USA, including at two from his hometown. 14.9% are from the United Kingdom and 6.9% from Russia . The Philippines, France, Canada, and Germany each get 3.5-3.8%. The Rad Trad also enjoys some following in Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Indonesia, and Latvia!
Readers tend to be most interested Monday through Thursday, with a predictable weekend decline and a surprising resurgence of hits on Sunday afternoon.
You are in my prayers, readers!

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