Friday, October 25, 2013

Back Alive

Just as the Rad Trad had told Pseudo-John that he was upgrading from his "crap" automobile, the Rad Trad hit a wall, or a skid plate to be more precise. The Rad Trad recently purchased a very nice vehicle and had it shipped to his little New Hampshire abode. No sooner had the Rad Trad taken it on a leisurely drive to visit a priest friend than the Rad Trad encountered a grinding noise on the highway!
The Rad Trad pulled into the breakdown lane, as vehicles raced past at 70+ mph, for an inspection, an inspection which revealed two nuts holding the front end of the skid plate had fallen out and that the plate had been dragging on the asphalt. This presented a twofold concern:
  1. How the hell do I drive with this defect?
  2. What if is breaks off? It would fold over as it broke, potentially damaging the underside of the car.
The Rad Trad resolved to pop the plate back into place, although with no bolts such a fix would not be a lasting one.
His Traddiness then enjoyed a leisurely day with his friend, who is a chaplain at a small Catholic college in central New Hampshire, and then, with the help of a student, applied duct tape to the front of his new car!
The priest blessed the car and the Trad arrived home safely. On tomorrow's agenda: the mechanic's garage.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm. I thought you were reviewing Brideshead Revisited, dear Trad, not reliving it.
    Still, eveyone knows a car loses half its value as soon as it leaves the dealer, and one that age...

    I hope your father's health improves. I'm sure his spirits will be lifted by travelling in your new conveyance.