Sunday, March 1, 2015

Restocked in the Boutique: Sarum

The Liturgical Boutique finally has some Sarum back in stock. Above you will find Fr. Anthony Chadwick's instructional video on how to celebrate the Sarum usage of the Roman liturgy, the only video of its kind I know. The greatest differences are visible at high Mass, like the filling of the chalice during the gradual and the grandeur of the processions. Still, this will do for most customers!

On a serious note, I am not behind Fr. Chadwick's ecclesastical ideas, but videos like this are still important in keeping the Latin Church's liturgical patrimony visible to, at least, a minority of people. There is a full celebration of a low Mass by Fr. Chadwick available. I hope he considers filming another one with a clearer camera angle on the altar (perhaps from the epistle side) and a better microphone.

Since he has invited commentary on his interpretation of the rubrics I would add that I was under the impression that in Sarum the priest kept his hands joined when turning to the congregation and singing Dominus vobiscum as at 8:15 in the clip below. Do readers have an answer?

There is also a video of his charming chapel and sacristy. I was about to call it humble, but it is richly equipped: enough Missals, breviaries, antiphonaries, and graduals to fill the liturgical section of several university libraries as well as crucifixes and candles galore. Also, he retains the image of St. Philip Neri, my favorite post-Apostolic saint.

In other Boutique news we are pleased to tell Fr. Anthony Blanche that his order for three lace albs with no solid material on them whatsoever has been filled, as has his request for lace cottas. They will be Roman, but pre-owned. The current sacristan of St. Peter's basilica has been instructed to dispense with all vesture that at any point in history could have costed more than $50 and to replace those pieces with more humble and befitting ones. In short, we are flooded with new stock. Meanwhile, my colleagues in the plastic rain poncho business have been charged with creating a thousand new polyester chasubles for the Petrine basilica.

Wishing all a blessed Lent,
The Shopkeeper


  1. Dear Shopkeeper.

    Delighted you have received new stock from your Italian subsidiary.

    Please may I order a Sedia Gestatoria, if your Italian colleague has decided not to use it anymore ?

    A Blessed Lent to you and all your Readers and Shoppers.

  2. Not behind my ecclesiological ideas? That is understandable, since you are Roman Catholic. If I were Roman Catholic and a priest, I might receive permission to celebrate the Use of Sarum twenty years after my death... Sorry for the sarcasm! :)

    All the same, thanks for the heads-up. I offer this teaching ministry not only to members of my Church but to all of good will.