Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Series: The Whole Sarum

We will begin a new series of posts—atavistically published, perhaps monthly to ensure quality—on the Sarum liturgy. It will follow the structure of our posts on the neo-Gallican "Jansenist" French rites, with a look at the rubrics, ordinary texts, feasts, and time per annum, however we intend to go into greater depth. Resources in Latin and English abound on Sarum, both primary and secondary texts.

We will endeavor to examine Sarum's origins, its setting in a medieval and Catholic England, its cathedral celebration, and its actual words. The series will take advantage of the various editions of the Missal, Office, processional books, mystery plays (cultural presence of the liturgy), devotions, and commentaries published in liturgical histories since the Ritualist Movement in the 19th century.

Look for an initial post on the origins and setting of Sarum in September. Look for another post on Brideshead Revisited this week.


  1. The Ecclesiastical World is indebted to you, The Rad Trad.

    This new Series on The Sarum Liturgy will be compulsive reading for all.

    Deo Gratias.

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