Monday, November 23, 2015

On Bears and Bloggers

Over the weekend I shared a lunch with The Bear. For those who do not know, he is a beast who, over a thousand years ago, was compelled into menial service by St. Corbinian (d. 730) after killing the bishop's pack horse. While bears tend to be capricious and territorial, I found this Bear to be quite well mannered and cultured, as I would like to believe all bear-bloggers to be. He consumed a few salmon while I ate my pastrami sandwich, and a pleasant time was had by all.

I certainly recommend that all of our readers peruse The Bear's website. His autobiography is well worth the time, and so is his recent "Blogged to Death" essay (Part I, Part II). Anything The Bear writes about Michael Voris is entertaining, at the very least. Perhaps one day he will reveal to me the secret of typing with paws.

St. Corbinian, pray for us!

From The Bear's Agitprop! page.
Coat of Arms of the Pope Emeritus.

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