Monday, November 7, 2016

Hilarity and Intoxication

Mr. Ralfy is a Scottish gentleman of modest means who occupies himself with undertaking, speed racing, and whisky appreciation. His YouTube channel is a steady source of good information on spirits and common sense, and even his special episode on absinthe is entertaining and worth a watch. Most recently, he recorded an instructional video on the Seven Levels of Intoxication (embedded below), and how they can affect your social wellbeing.

No Catholic is Ralfy, but his green- and red-zones are probably more helpful in discerning the need for confession than the ever-elusive "point of hilarity" suggested by Thomistic moralists. It is good to drink often (Ps. 103); it is better to drink well and with temperance.


  1. LOL! This is the answer why the Russians are so crucial in ending the Schisn. Romans come with their Belgian Quadruple strong beer .. 11%? Comes next the Greeks with max. 14% wine... comes Russia with EU - illegal 60+% vodka... everyone is floored until the Russians make a statement. Vote for Irish pope to make things fair!

  2. Well, now I watched that whole video ... and I guess what he's saying is: Don't drink over the point of hilarity.