Sunday, December 11, 2016

Coptics Attacked

Please pray for the Coptic Christians of Cairo, who today suffered the loss of 25 worshippers—mostly women and children—at St. Mark's Cathedral. At least 49 others were injured by the bomb, which was exploded on the women's side of the church.

Pray for the repose of the souls of the dead, the healing of the wounded, the comfort of the bereaved, and the swift punishment of the wicked men who committed this mass-murder.

(AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)


  1. May God forgive those departed and warm the hearts and heal the bodies of those who suffered.
    A black weekend:
    - on Saturday the roof fell on people in Nigeria praying inside an evangelical church
    - on Sunday - St. MARK's Cathedral in Cairo got bombed, apparently by a woman who left 6 kg of bomb stuff and left the church (according - not suicider bombing
    - in Istanbul dozens of people die again from 2 bombs hitting the Vodafone football arena.
    Let us pray, for peace with God and may He reach the souls of the attackers current and future and enlighten them to the Truth about their actions, turn them around, let all who is wicked in this run dry on their soil of their games and hatred.
    God have mercy on us all, we are all the work of Your hands, please protect Thy enheritage through Thy Son, Jesus Christ, now and into all ages. Amen.

  2. If the attack could be tied to climate change then maybe righteous outrage would be heard near the Tiber.

    Local Bishops (everywhere) should teach the men in each Parish that they have the responsibility to defend the women and children and, yes, the consecrated church and they should help them get the weapons necessary to do the job.

    Jesus told the Apostles (Luke) to sell what they had to get a deadly weapon -sword - and so we should all get deadly weapons to protect our women and children and churches.

    Sure, Lapide points out that Jesus did not mean that literally, but He said it as away to try and prepare them for what they, Apostles, would face.

    Now, the Bishops (inheritor of the Apostles) ought not get a sword or gun but the Bishop should tell his followers to do so to defend the weak and innocent and to defend Holy Consecrated Churches.

    Mahometans are peeing and pooping in a Cathedral in Sweden and masturbating in the pews which makes ABS wonder if they still play hockey in Sweden.

    If they do, some men ought to go to the cathedral with a hockey stick and break the ribs and head of any Mahometan desecrating the Cathedral.

    The "let's say a prayer" is all fine and dandy but it is not sufficient. If Catholic men do not protect their women and children and holy places, we deserve all of the animalistic actions of the barbarians who follow the demented faux prophet, mahomet, and it will only get worse for our weakness will draw our from them even more wrath.