Friday, February 17, 2017

1967 Revisions: Back to the Future

Bill Riccio's poignant reaction to recent proposals to modify the "liturgical books of 1962" (aka the "Mass of the Ages") brought to my mind the parallels with the reforms of the 1960s. It seems in the "liturgist" crowd reform can really be reduced to just a few unique features of Paul VI's new Mass and nothing else. Still, the proposals really are a flashback to the halcyon days just after Vatican II, when no one knew what the hell was going on. It instantly brought to mind a little hand Missal I saw in a used bookstore for a mere $6.00; I was tempted to buy the item for its historical value, not for actual use; the lack of any markings or wear shows just how useless this book was, of value for only two full liturgical years before the Pacelli-Montini revolution was brought to completion.

Popular participation, the be all and end all of worthy latria.

The reduced preparatory prayers, still with the double-Confiteor.
At first glance I wondered if the phonetic Latin text below the English
might be useful, but if one knows Latin is phonetic one need not
separate each syllable. The Fore-Mass has been rebranded "Liturgy of the Word of God"
and Mass is now assumed to be versus populum according to the decorative "art."

The newly translated Canon of the Mass, in direct contradiction
to the last vote of Vatican II. The translation, aside from being inferior
to those of many hand missals from the prior thirty years, looks remarkably like
what the Anglophonic world was given until 2011, and this two years before
the introduction of the new Ordo.

"I never knew a translation could be heretical." -Alexander Schmemann


  1. Yeah, that translation is absolutely abysmal.

    1. Someone once called it an "interpretation," which seems right.

    2. My father had a very similar Missal, the Maryknoll Missal 1966 (Vatican II Edition), featuring the same banal translation. Here are some other choice pictures from that Missal:

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  2. The newly translated Canon of the Mass, in direct contradiction to the last vote of Vatican II.

    "It's a journey, not a destination."

  3. BTW, I just suddenly remembered that this newly translated Canon already introduced the very controversial "for all men" before the introduction of the Novus Ordo, at least in the US!

  4. Now if anyone can dig up a video on this Mass ever being done...

    1. No sound, and not the full Mass at all, but here's footage from the Vietname War in 1965:

  5. A few years ago I came across an old Bible with this mass insert stuck in it: