Saturday, May 18, 2013


Yesterday this blog reached 10,000 views. A small number, but something of a milestone. Our series on the Reason for the Reform of the Roman Rite provided an enormous surge in readership.
Thanks for your support and keep on reading!
-The Rad Trad


  1. Rad,

    Your blog is a treasure. I'd almost suspect you're Alcuin Reid incognito if I didn't know better. Very erudite. I'm grateful for the time you're putting into the project. To my knowledge there's not a similar blog out there right now.

    A good friend, an FSSP priest of my parish, put me onto you. Keep up the good work. You're in my prayers.

    Yours in Christ,

    Jon Kabel
    Lancaster, PA

  2. Jon,

    Thank you for those kind words and I can assure you I am not Alcuin Reid! Keep reading!

    The Rad Trad