Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Military Chapels

Done the Russian way! I have copied and pasted this from a forum for your edification and amusement.


Russian paratroopers were holding parachute exercises near the city of Ryazan, about 200 kilometers southeast of Moscow. But among the so-called ordinary paratroopers there were paratrooper priests making their jump complete with a mobile chapel.

Around 100 paratroopers accompanied by eight parachuting Russian Orthodox priests made the jump in a wide-open field.

Airborne Orthodox chaplains have made parachute jumps to improve the morale of the warriors.

The training plan included airlift delivery of a mobile chapel that the chaplains assembled at the point of impact.

The inflatable chapel weighs about one metric ton and takes around an hour to inflate and deck out.

The chapel comes complete with interior sacred objects like Orthodox icons that are secured to the walls using Velcro.

Each chaplain made two training parachute jumps from AN-2 and Ilyushin 76 airplanes. In April, military training of Orthodox chaplains for all types of troops and military districts will be held near Moscow.

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