Friday, September 27, 2013

New Blog and Coming Post

A friend of the Rad Trad's now has his own blog, Ad Gloriam Ecclesiae. The blog is written from a layman's perspective. The writer comes to the Church from an Anglican background and the Rad Trad knows him to be a good man. This is welcomed, as much has been made about clergy from the Ordinariate, but hardly a peep about the laity. Ad Gloriam Ecclesiae seems to be geared toward giving a layman's perspective on Ordinariate-related matters such as the liturgy and ecumenism, a refreshing change from priest bloggers and uppity Roman laymen such as the Rad Trad. Currently the top post is a very interesting narrative of a blind man being given a description of the Temple of Jerusalem in the first century. Check it out here.
Tomorrow the Rad Trad will post part VI in the Lesser Known Fathers series, hopefully an interesting look at St. Gregory of Nyssa's On the Soul and the Resurrection, and why the Saint seems to have believed in universal salvation. Stay tuned. It is a wonderful book!
Lastly, pray for my mother. It is her birthday today.

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