Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another EF Mass from 1965


This one sends shivers down my newly Texan spine. An EF Mass from the 1965 film Change of Habit, featuring an offertory procession, local inculturation, and the sacred music of Elvis Presley. In a nod to modernity the stuffy old doubting priest at the end concludes his opposition to the renewal with the words: "He works in mysterious ways." One is tempted to thank God that this was not a real Mass, but the fact is that this sort of thing happened throughout the United States in the 1960s and beyond. In some places it still does. The relevant part begins at 2:23.


  1. Oh Lord, this is just intolerable to me. Intolerable. What is one to conclude, but that large portions of the clergy and laity stopped believing in our sacramental theology? Or even worse, stopped believing in something more basic than that - that there's something truly glorious and mysterious that is happening during the Liturgy. How did we lose our liturgical instincts? By hanging out too much with Protestants? Or is it somehow inherent to modernity and by accepting modern lifestyle have we self-destructed? What is there to be done?

  2. What a load of bull...pardon my french if you may.