Saturday, March 29, 2014

Have Pity on a Broken Man

"Who is speaking to you? A poor man, a phenomenon of smallness.
I tremble, my brethren and children. I tremble because I am feeling
things so to say that are immensely larger than I am.... But I am
the successor of St. Peter. Accept me. Do not despise me. I am
the Vicar of Christ."—November 11, 1973 at the Lateran Cathedral


  1. Did the real Pope Paul escape from the Vatican dungeons and speak these words, or did you type the wrong date?

    1. Oops, fixed!

      Perhaps Pope Siri would find my mistake distasteful, too!

    2. Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean...

      Kyrie eleison

    3. SMN was referencing a conspiracy theory that posits the "real" Pope Paul was kidnapped and replaced by a duplicate who had different ears and a different nose. I countered with a reference to the "Siri thesis," a load of bollocks which suggests Cardinal Siri of Genoa was elected Pope in 1958 and 1963 only to be thwarted by the violent forces behind John XXIII and Paul VI.

    4. Yes, I had understand that. I meant why had you posted that papal homily. Was it a warning against that conspiracy theories, or just a request for remembering and prayer for him? I have surely misunderstood your message.

      Kyrie eleison

    5. The context of this homily was addressing that 33% of priests had left the priesthood and Mass attendance dropped in half since he was elected Pope a decade earlier. Despite being the man who finalized the Pian revolution I think Montini was haunted by his conscience and at the end was very sorry. Rather than harbor anger toward him we ought to pity him and pray for his soul.