Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Local Byzantine Parish UPDATE

St. Basil the Great in Irving. A parishioner was kind enough to give a tour. I missed the quality of heartfelt chant I heard at St. Basil's today, particularly the Communion antiphon "Receive the Body of Christ and taste the font of immortality."

Icon of the Theophany of the Lord over the Baptismal font.

Inside the Holy Place. The hanging dove was a gift and has no Byzantine connection (but it does have a Sarum one!)

In a larger parish this icon of Christ Pantocrator would be part of a dome over the nave
UPDATE: Here is the Communion hymn most often sung during the Byzantine
Divine Liturgy, usually interspersed with verses of psalm 148.


  1. Question: Is it still allowed that the Eucharist in the Latin Rite be reserved on hanging golden doves/pyx? Or it is banned by Trent?