Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Francis Canonizes Pius XII, Consequences for Tradition

I guess it had to happen eventually. The Vatican II Church has canonized and sanctified its founder, Pius XII. I have attempted to reconcile my faith and my trust in my ability to jumble the current Roman mess with the promise that all would be fine by Christ, but this is the last straw. The Congregation for Causes could not even find a credible miracle to canonize Pacelli so Francis resorted to the same method Benedict used to canonize Hildegard of Bingen a few years ago.

Such duplicity and dishonesty is not an act of the Church nor is it an act of God. To canonize the only man who ever openly attempted to change the Church's teaching is a violation of the basic functions of the papacy. Pius XII, you will recall, directly inverted the Church's dogma on the relationship between liturgy, revelation, and doctrine in his encyclical Mediator Dei. I told myself that the Pope is just Bishop of Rome and that the Church is a Communion, not a corporation, but even a Communion has a head in Heaven and a visible one on earth. By raising to the altars a man who did violence to that Communion the so-called modern papacy has exposed its real intentions: to replace Catholicism with fungible Freemasonry.

In light of this I have finally made the decision to reject the purported "popes" from 1903 onward. A comment on the dogmatic nature of Ultramontanism in my most recent post on the topic rent the veil over my eyes. What the Pope says and does reflects the very will of God Himself. The Pope binds and looses and God, as was promised, confirms the decisions of the Pontifex Maximus. But there is also the law of non-contradiction. St. Pius V clearly defined dogma when he promulgated the Roman Breviary and the Roman Mass in the bulls Quod a nobis and Quo primum tempore in 1568 and 1570 respectively. The blatant disregard for these dogmas by the 20th century anti-popes re-enforces my opinion here. Sarto, the so-called "Pope St Pius X," changed the psalter, kalendar, and rubrics for the infallible Roman Breviary, meaning he was a heretic, an apostate, and not possibly the Pontifex Maximus. His successor fifty years later changed Holy Week, changed the kalendar again, and changed teaching. Montini, the most sympathetic of the lot, completed the Masonic undermining of the Mass.

I reject it all and cling to the true Traditional Catholic faith only to be found in a handful of places throughout the world—probably not even in most sedevacantist chapels given that they use the invalid ordination rites promulgated by Pacelli in 1947. I will continue to go to Eastern rite churches to ensure I get valid Sacraments for now, given that grace is like gasoline and I need valid grace to fuel up for the week, but I am on my guard.

I advise you all to do the same....

April fools!


  1. Dear Rad Trad. As Founder and Chairman of The Society of Saint Christopher Standing (SSCS), I invite you to join us (mainly we just drink excellent cabernet and bitch about things)

    It may be just the Society for you. We eschew both Pew (protestant novelty) and kneeling for Communion.

    If standing was good enough for Saint Christopher (I have seen Titian's painting of him in the Doge's Palace in Venice) who carried Jesus then it is good enough for us.