Thursday, November 17, 2016

Understanding the US Election

International readers may be searching for answers after Donald Trump has pulled off the most remarkable American electoral victory since Dewey "beat" Truman. The best analysis I have found comes from the Mad Monarchist. Say what you will about Mr. Trump's tone, the conduct of his campaign, or his positions, the Mad Monarchist's article lays out exactly why he won. What that means as far as governance remains to be seen. He is not a financial genius. Hopefully, he is not Putin. He is not Constantine, either (and neither is Putin). However, he may leave us alone. We are due for a recession (although the markets have not panicked after the Donald's win the way they did after Brexit) and how he handles it will test his mettle. Interesting times lay ahead.

On an off note, the result of this election is angering all the right people: millennials with art degrees who work at Starbucks, gender equality activists, investment bankers who could not buy the election result, and Democrats who refused to learn the lesson of Bernie Sanders. Regardless of how Trump governs, politicians here and abroad ignore the forces that wrought Trump at their own risk. There is minute truth to the idea his "alt-right" base has radical racial tendencies (doesn't Black Lives Matter?), however they are mostly anti-PC trolls. The Marxian methodology of political triangulation used by Western liberal parties—dividing people into demographics and forcing their sympathies to one of two parties—has pushed a large portion of the population, including Christians, to the side. That marginalized pool was large enough to elect a president. "Crazy Bernie" understood this, "Crooked Hillary" did not.

With Hillary Clinton's exit from the political arena, does Francis of Rome assume the throne of the international left and wear the triregnum of liberty, equality, and fraternity? Perhaps fraternity is too gender specific.... You get the idea.


  1. Trump blowed-up the Clinton (democrat) machine but it is already being reassembled and it will be operated by Barack Hussein Obama from his Washington lair.

    This delights ABS as he is temperamentally disposed to conflict and he wants to see the extreme left liberals totally wig-out and he expects to enjoy what the right liberals (Trump is a right liberal) do.

    My life will be complete when Trump bends at the waist and meets and greets some tiny ambassador from the orient, turns around and says, Can we get a high chair for this guy? and then, on national TV calls Merkel a fat ugly broad.

    O, he prolly won't, but one can dream :)

  2. Clinton Hillary is not out the political arena. She's now a "martyr" aka symbol of the whole left agenda. Bernie Sanders is out, imho. The news rave that she won the popular vote, while Trump vowed to respect the popular vote.
    Trump the unwilling president? Maybe this is good that leaders must sacrifice in order to lead.

  3. I would also like to add that, as I understand it even if media keeps on keeping it vague, Putin promised certain very material things to Russian people like for example that they will not be importers but ezporters. If he fails to provide those things, while he's a mogul while the people are not so well, he WILL fall as he's no more than a KGB agent with files on many people and a very vagueish view on Christian Orthodoxy. Soros may fall and Putin at the same time even if they'd be enemies on the world we see.

    1. If Putin is aught but a KGB cipher with no concern for Christianity or morality, then why has the Russian communications watchdog, Roskomnadzor, blocked Porhhub?

      Think Trump would have the cojones to try that in America?

    2. There once was a lord of a savage people, Norsemen who had interbred with local Slavs, who realized the need of a good religion for his people. After he sent emissaries to the various religions, he picked Christianity and established it for his kingdom. His initial motivation was worldly, but it became something far greater.

      Though I am more pessimistic about Putin's efforts (and take issue with his moves in Ukraine), it is apparent WHAT he is doing and WHY he is doing it. From a material standpoint, Russia will not survive if 2/3 of all infants are aborted in a post-Soviet society where all manner of vice runs rampant.

      Fortunately for the Russians, the false god of democracy is not something they seem prepared to accept. A despot of some sort (Tsar, Premier, or "President") is what they understand.

    3. Is abortion legal in Russia?

  4. Hey, RT ABS was just thinking about a Trump Thanksgiving next year. Who would not like seeing the Clinton News Network (CNN) running a breaking news segment lamenting the fact that Trump refused to pardon the Turkye but ordered it killed and cooked immediately.

    As far as Putin and Christianity, just try an imagine an American politician supporting the construction of Churches like Putin has.

    O, and what would be wrong with Putin and Trump becoming pals what with over 100 million christians in Russia with a patriotic leader, and one who actually used his military to save Christians in the ME when Mahometans, like Obama,were mewling about Islamphobia and creating chaos and vacuums in the area so militant Mahometanism (redundant) could move in and seize control?

    1. If Trump actually helps the Christians in the Middle East and keeps the insane imperialist Bush-era Trotskyites (McCain, Bolton, Wolfowitz, Kristol, Graham, Rumsfield... etc.) out of power then I will take back my reasons for not supporting him.

      No more support for "moderate" butchers and Christian-killers. Let Russia protect Syria, if they are so willing, and leave them alone.

    2. Bolton is being considered for being Secretary of State!

      I think this confirms for me that Trump is a false solution! I hope he doesn't pick him!

  5. I feel my feminine disaatruous nature is pretty much conducting me. So, pros and cons. Stuff I like or understand about Putin:
    - his homophobia - I was never one, I hope to rebecome one who isn't, but the LGBTTQIAA agenda and aggressivity is building has turned me into one - it's enuf ppl have to understand binary people don't exist and what their doing is INSANE. Also same goes for Social Justice Warriors. Enough. They proved their clinical condition imho.
    - his honest relationship with the Church - he helps them but when they disagree (like about destroying some GMO food last year) they do, so he's sane
    - he fights ISIS and does not forbid Muslims to take refuge in Russia but if they behead Russian babies he strikes back
    - he's smart about the monetary/gold balance
    - his crew censors pornhub that I didn't even know what is, and also shuts down atheist sites
    Stuff I don't like:
    - he's friends with Erdogan who persecutes Christians in Turkey because he says they tried the coup against him also Erdogan's son made deals with ISIS
    - he destroyed that food with GMO even if GMO in vegetables at least was invented by Russian guy Michiurin, bananas we eat today are GMO.
    That's it. Hope my fasting and praying for Nativity will make me nicer.

  6. There is no such thing as homophobia. Homo means man and so the absurd political label, homophobia, would mean that ABS has an irrational fear of other men.

    Don't let your enemies colonise your mind. Call sodomites, sodomites, and have a healthy fear of them in that all sodomites are sappers who seek to undermine and then destroy every single solid truth, law, and praxis opposed to the perverted sex they lust after and a perfect example of that is the Catholic Church.

    She had laws forbidding the acceptance of sodomites into seminaries but the putative best educated catholics everbroke the law and admitted known sodomites into seminaries and then to add poison to the stupidity, admitted them to Holy Orders and let them loose into the sheep gate where those perverted priests preyed on innocent adolescent males.

    And as these homosexual clerics continued their long mince through our institution, they dutifully slaved to undermine every law or bit of logic opposed to their demented perversion and, slowly, over time, the homosexualisation of the Catholic Church became a reality and one would be hard-pressed to find a liturgical innovator who was not a sodomite or one sympathetic to sodomy.

    There has never been, and there can never be, a sodomite called by Jesus to the Holy Priesthood.