Sunday, November 3, 2013

Up For Air

The Rad Trad finally has some free time after caring for his convalescing father, who recently underwent a knee replacement procedure. There will be a review of Brideshead Revisted in the next few days and the next installment in the series on the Parisian Missal. Perhaps, after all that, the Rad Trad will contemplate the next "Lesser Known Father" to review.
Another reminder to readers: please notice the new tab atop the blog which presents a page where readers can list any deceased that they would like the Rad Trad to remember when he prays the Office of the Dead during November.
Tomorrow marks the death of our holy patron, St. Felix of Valois, the great Trinitarian father and founder. Starting this week the Rad Trad will pray to St. Felix on Mondays for the welfare, needs, and salvation of his readers. As with the Office of the Dead, readers may list any intentions or needs they have in the form of a comment.
God bless!

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