Wednesday, November 27, 2013

World is Going to Hell

Figuratively and—I hope not but possibly—literally.

Today at the store I saw a teenage couple, neither of them could have been more than 16 or 17 years. Her skirt barely covered the skin of her posterior and he had an enormous smile on his face. They were buying a box of those foul little rubber balloons and he made her pay. Sigh. One wonders if they are yet eligible for the new healthcare law's coverage?

At times I wonder if I am judgmental or if I am just one of a few people justifiably frustrated with the deterioration of social standards for youth and the spiritual decay it brings.
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  1. Multitudes in Hell is real possibility. If we, who are under the law of Grace, struggle with mortal sin and dreadfully fight satan, how harder is for the men of the world to get to Heaven. Remember - broad path and narrow gate. Many, and few.

  2. The other day at work an aborted foetus was found in the women's WC.
    Not only does our National Health Service hand out free contraceptives to adolescents as soon as they hit puberty, but there's also a public institute which also does the same.
    We've approved same sex unions before many other European countries.
    We legalized abortion (legal up to 9 weeks; if the child has any genetic deficiency or grave illness, then 21 weeks), turning our maternities into abortion clinics as well. Women who are getting an abortion done have priority over other women since they are scheduled. They also receive a subsidy afterwards. [The maternity where our daughter was born is full of images of the Virgin, and yet at the same time performs abortions within those very same walls. Sick, no?]

    I remember some years ago, an Irish FFI in Fátima told me in his comical Irishy Portuguese "Would you believe there's drugs and prostitution here in Fátima?! How is that possible?!" :-D

    And all this in Terras de Santa Maria. And we wonder why our country is in its current state...

    1. In Spain we have almost the same illness... I may say the Devil's Kingdom is now here, in our western-ex-catholic nations!

      Let us pray, and do penance!

      Kyrie eleison