Monday, October 6, 2014

Carthusian Mattins Invitatorium

The various monastic groups' chants are actually simpler than the Roman chant so that all the monks, even the less talented, may sing. Here are the opening rites and psalm 94 from the Carthusian Mattins/vigil. The psalm begins at 5:20. Well worth the listen.


  1. I had the great privilege of singing the office with the Carthusians in Vermont when I went on a vocation retreat some years ago. It was quite an experience (although Matins with 12 lessons for Corpus Christi was a killer, and then we still had Lauds to sing! I think the whole night office for that feast lasted like 3 1/2 hours, I could barely keep myself awake).

  2. Hardly any flourishes at all. Sober, yet beautiful, and easy to chant.

  3. i just finished my computerised. carthusian ordinary breviary without matins. i will print it out and pray it.

    also there is a 57 min version of the 1st nocturn which includes the video above.

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