Saturday, October 4, 2014

Latin Offertory

An interesting and brief article on the history of the various offertory prayers used by priests through the history of the Latin Church. Well worth the five minutes to read about the creation and spread of offertory rites throughout the Middle Ages.


  1. As an Aside,There is a Blog which could your Counterpart on the Liturgical Spectrum, It's

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by "counterpart on the liturgical spectrum." Liturgically speaking, I think RadTrad's preferences and sensibilities are relatively close to my own (though my knowledge of the subject is nowhere close to his).

    2. The Owner of this blog prefers the older editions of the Old Missal than 1962 but NOT a Sedevacantist. Whereas you are a Liberal who is in Favor of Traditional Liturgy.

    3. Young man, you have quite a last name (or three)!

    4. Josemaria:

      Define "Liberal".

      I myself have been called both a Luddite conservative and an erudite liberal, depending on the person involved, for espousing the exact same beliefs.

      I think the whole right/left trope is overplayed and unrealistic. Christopher, myself and (probably) the Radtrad would be a bit sympathetic to the mystical and non-scholastic outlook of George Tyrell, but we would all (I assume) be first in line to condemn Hans Urs von Balthasar, Hans Kung, or Alfred Loisy's beliefs on Jesus Christ.

      What I'm saying is... things are complicated and simple labels just don't fit here.

      Welcome to the liturgical blogosphere! There's also this excellent blog which pointed out the much-unknown difference between a traditional and a traditionalist Catholic.

    5. Actually,I am from the Philippines whose EF Rite is Neo-Mozarabic. I should have said Orthodox and Modernist instead of "Conservative and Liberal". It's my pseudonym now. I know of One Sedevacantist whose Politics are "Bishop Williamson on Steroids". My Politics are for my Part "Eco-Agrarian" and Authoritarian Rightist. Anyway,I do hope I can educate myself more on Tradition. God Bless!

  2. My own favourite theologian is the Anglican Charles Gore...I must be a hopeless liberal!