Monday, November 3, 2014

Inactivity & Advent

Devout readers, trad acolytes, and passers by:

I am busy with work this week and will be unable to post much of anything until Friday. On Friday I hope to put up some pictures and a detailed experience of Our Lady of Walsingham, the Ordinariate church in Houston. 

Also, Advent is approaching, when I usually pray the Officium Defunctorum on Mondays for the deceased family and friends of readers. I thought this year perhaps we could make a group of it and pray the Office for our mutual intentions. One issue: those using more modern kalendars (including the 1939, pre-Pacelli one) will only have one available Monday this year, the rest being displaced by the feast and octave day of the Immaculate Conception and the transferred feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. I follow the 1570 kalendar with a few "improvements," but I suspect that, aside from John R, I am in the minority. I would appreciate feedback from potential participants in the comment box below.

The Rad Trad


  1. I'm afraid the CTO won't be of any help; both the IC and its Octave are observed as a worthy addition to the 1570 kalendar. And don't forget that S. Andrew also is transferred to occupy the first Monday of Advent. Unlike 1962, none of us are writing off half of the Apostles this year!

    How about the Officium Defunctorum on Tuesdays instead? Or just do it on all Mondays anyway? I'm not aware of any restriction to praying the OD votivally on any day at all.

  2. There were of course Collegiate churches which had the Office of the Dead (c.f. JohnR's comment above) and the Officium Parvum on days other than the minimum. Indeed there were numerous decrees of the SRC about having additional Offices on doubles etc. Although as a more general praxis the European political revolutions had a damaging effect some chapters continued until the last century. The (real) double Office of Vespers of the day followed by Vespers of the Dead, Mattins of the day followed by Mattins of the Dead was not isolated to November 2nd.

  3. I don't know if I will have time for the whole Tridentine Office of the Dead. But I will pray the Gradual Psalms with the intentions of everyone on this blog.

  4. I'm game, although I don't know where to find a 1570 version of the OD. I use an Apple app for the daily 1962 hours.


  5. The Pslater arrangement of st. Benedict FTW all the way LOL ROFLCOPTER

  6. Excellent idea, The Rad Trad. Thank you.

    May I suggest the possibility of you scanning the requisite Office of The Dead and publishing, here, on your wonderful Blog ?

    That way, we can all Pray the same Office in our respective Time Zones.

    Just imagine. The 1570 Office being said all over the world at any given time.

    As it used to be.

  7. I love this proposal very much. For my part, I say let us recite the Office of the Dead "ex voto" throughout Advent regardless of the liturgical rank of the Monday.

    Thank you in advance to Joseph Livingston for the Gradual Psalms (which of course are directed in part to relief for the faithful departed). For a few years now, I've always prayed them before Mattins (thanks to knowledge gained from the esteemed Rubricarius) on Wednesdays of Lent.

    A blessed Octave of All Saints to everyone reading this!