Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brexit: Hell No?

The post-Brexit fallout continues. Aside from the actual [yet to be seen] long term consequences for financial markets in the city of London, the real significance of Brexit is becoming clear and offers a modicum of hope to those who would start grassroots movements that take decades or generations to mature.

Brexit marks the first significant repudiation of progressivism since before the Second World War. Progressives, in both political and ecclesiastical spheres, have a teleological determinism to them. They create a phrase or idea in contravention to existing norms to force a dichotomy and then the acceptance of said novelty becomes an inevitability. No one had ever heard of "gay marriage" or "traditional marriage" twenty years ago, just marriage; but the sneaky sneaks sound that they could concoct a newfangled proposition and force the rest of us, in our logical consistency, to accept its variation, too. Who ever was told that the priest had his "back to the people" before the 20th century? It does nothing other than suggest he would normatively "face the people."

Make no mistake, the UKIPers, Labourers who crossed the line, and nationalist Tories did not vote for the British Empire and industrialism; they still want their NHS, public services, and post-Churchill socialism, but they also want to be left alone with regard to legislation. And yet this is something. Perhaps when we are told such and such is inevitable and never going to change we can recall how a single currency financial market became a constitutionally established bureaucracy with phases of gradual "integration," all inevitable until it wasn't.

Catholics, take note.


  1. I voted Leave because the European Union is the new Babel, whose hubristic and rational builders had equally no time for God and no doubt sneered at "little" countries with little minds and questioned their right to vote or to exercise any rational choice. I hope that this referendum sets a precedent for other European men of sincerity and good will that they too can fight back against modern Babel-builders who sell national identities so cheaply.

  2. The response to Brexit by the totalitarian twits in Brussels was to reveal their plans to ice all other nations and their currency, armies, laws etc

    England got out barely in time.

    O, and Belgium does not have the best chocolate. Ghiradelli's in San Fran is just as good and far more affordable; and another thing, the folks in Brussels have no damn idea how to cook muscles.

    Muscles in Brussels? Total and complete joke. Far inferior to how men in Maine cook muscles.

    See, ABS is focused on the important things....

    1. No kidding! The Swiss and Germans have far superior chocolateers compared to the inhabitants of the Low Countries.

  3. "England got out barely in time."

    Now that is on par with numquam abrogatam in terms of wishful thinking and fallacious statements. Let's get the facts straight - and not about the abrogated form:

    On June 23rd a consultative plebiscite took place in the United Kingdom and BTO asking the question of whether the UK should remain a member of the EU or leave.

    Overall, a 3%+ majority was in favour of Leave. However, Scotland - still part of the UK as I write - had a consistent vote for Remain, as did London - my own borough voting 75.6% to Remain - as did the major university cities, the majority of people under 50 (so I am an exception to that particular statistic) and the better educated (Hurrah, higher degree people rule!)

    The result of the plebiscite, per se, does not have any force in law. It would require a vote in Parliament to act upon its result.

    England and Wales, Scotland, NI and Gibraltar are still, fully, in the EU. The process of leaving the EU is rather complex and depends on the initiation of 'Article 50' of the Lisbon Treaty. Who has the authority to initiate that is still very much an open question with constitutional experts arguing that the Prime Minister alone does not have the authority to do so but only when enabled to do so by will of Parliament.

    When Article 50 is initiated it triggers a time-bound frame of two years for exit negotiations. There is a disputed point between trade agreement negotiators - the EU has some 550 or so, the UK has none as the last time it negotiated a trade agreement was in 1973 - of whether an exiting member state can begin such negotiations within the exit period. If agreement with the other member states within the two-year period is not reached the WTO tariffs would apply - which would basically bugger Britain completely beyond any hope of redemption.

    Make no mistake, if Brexit goes ahead for the UK 'Great Britain' will become 'Little Eng-er-land' and diminish into a pathetic little nation of ill-educated louts, massive unemployment and social unrest.

    Scotland, as an independent nation in the EU following the implementation of Brexit would become a vibrant, successful modern nation within the EU. (For the sake of transparency I would point out that - whilst being and eighth-Scottish - I have no intention of ever visiting Scotland again.

    BTW, ABS 'muscles' are what are in your arms and legs, 'mussels' are the delish molluscs cooked with white wine, garlic etc.

    1. Regardless, the EU is headed for inevitable collapse. Eastern Europe has no sense of Western Europe's progressive multiculturalism while Northern Europe cannot foot the bill for Southern Europe forever. The union will go down in history as the prime example of why people need to be ruled by those who best understand them.

      As for London, I have no idea how your city's mayor went from Boris Johnson to a Sharia Fifth Columnist.

    2. Dang, wadda dope. Thanks for identifying that homophonic error.

      Look, just because you are infinitely better informed about the complexities than is ABS, is no reason for you to go all reasonable.

      As he retreats from the conversation, ABS yells, Subsidiarity.