Friday, June 10, 2016

Welcome Fr. Capreolus

Today we add our third author to The Rad Trad. Please join me in welcoming Fr. Capreolus. Father is priest in good standing who studied at the Angelicum when some professors from the "good ol' days" could still be found. He knew Don Franck Quoex and celebrated the old Holy Week with him in Rome years ago. A convert and once a monk, he now functions as a priest under a diocesan bishop and celebrates the old old Mass most of the week. His studies and experiences are a welcomed addition to this blog. 

Due to his schedule he will likely only post intermittently, but his contributions will be valued when he can spare a moment.


  1. Welcome, Father. I can't wait to see your articles here.

  2. Welcome, dear Fr.

    May the "old, old, Masses" become the norm, again. God Willing. We all wait to read your Articles on this wonderful Blog.

    Well done, The Rad Trad !!! (Was there a Transfer Fee involved in getting Fr Capreolus ?) Did you have to "Gazump" Juventus or Inter-Milan ?

  3. I think Fr. Capreolus was once a Norbertine(Canon Regular). He should make an effort to post what he says regularly.