Monday, February 10, 2014

Pray Now!

I just returned to my residence in Frisco, TX after a 100 minute drive from Fort Worth, normally 45 minutes. We received a very light dusting of snow mixed with rain. The temperature dropped to 29 degrees Fahrenheit, freezing much of the highway system here. No one in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex has snow tires, and why would they? On my drive I traveled 30mph in a 70mph zone. Most cars around me did 50mph. I counted no fewer than 20 accidents on my way home, most of them multi-car. The majority of accidents were minor fender benders resulting from spinning, but not a few looked quite serious. Say a prayer for those who had accidents. I suspect there were not a few injuries. 

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  1. Snow Chains, the next time you're in town, The Rad Trad !!!

    Be The First On The Block !!!