Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thanks for Feedback

Thank you everyone for the feedback, which I take seriously. Keep it coming!

I have been lax in posting in the last few days because of some important job interviews (do say a prayer for me once in a while!).

Soon I hope to have a post about St. Vincent of Lerins' Commonitory, which discusses the purpose antiquity and tradition. I will also post a reply to a query about why I elect to attend a Byzantine rite parish.

Also, as during Advent, I will be praying for the deceased for Lent (probably Vespers/Lauds of the Dead rather than the entire Office—Mattins is long) so look for a tab in the next day or two where you can post your intentions.


  1. But Mattins for the Dead is beautiful, with the really profound tone of the lessons from Job. Actually, could you avail yourself of the law to say the "Office of Readings" anytime during the day, to say the Mattins for the Dead ;)?

  2. I'd like Cistercian rite as it were before the 1606 Missal covered :) thx