Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Post Synod: Where Is It?

Popularly, a great many sensible people were hoping that the "neo-con" crowd would drop the Ultramontane mantle after witnessing an assault on Sacramental orthopraxis by the Pope and come around to a level headed view of the papacy's powers. Thus far, nothing of the sort has happened. Mr Voris warns the Tradistanis that assaulting the Roman Ordinary will backfire in the media. One could argue that, in a rare instance, Voris is advocating prudence. By contrast, one of Robert Barron's acolytes is suggesting that those concerned about the outcome of the Synod on the Family of not "just bad tea-reading on the Synod", but of "heresy".

I intended to write a post about what Tradistanis could learn from neo-cons' and the less-worrisome mindset many of them have, particularly the various canonry chapters and Oratorians, but the last few weeks have disincentivized the venture. This blog does not waste too much attention on Roman politics, which we cannot directly control and which are better analyzed elsewhere, but the writer of this blog does not keep his head in the sands of the Mediterranean. Perhaps the neo-con crowd could put down Sr. Faustina's diaries for a minutes and peruse the state of the Church, which is in a far greater state of need than the cause of the chaplet.

Give this a reread.


  1. I had a post on the matter half done... then I needed to tend to the dead.

    I thought a post on the Fathers and Marriage was a good substitute until I could pick it up again.

  2. Old habits are hard to break. And these habits have been settling into place for nearly five decades now - actually, a lot longer, if you allow for the fact that "neo-cons" were a much less clearly distinguishable faction pre-Council.

    This may be God's way of telling us that it has to get worse before any restoration can really happen. As it stands, at any rate, some of these European bishops' conferences will not only be effectively out of clergy (or at least native born ones, at any rate) soon, they may find themselves able to squeeze their active laity into a Nando's - perhaps even with room for the walkers and scooters. Belgium is nearly there already.

    1. P.S. Would you mind expanding on your comments about Oratorians and canons, RT?