Sunday, December 13, 2015


Apologies, readers, for my absence. I was travelling on business last week, have taken over a new department this past week, and may be moving next year. Thankfully J has taken up the slack in the interim. I intend to resume the Sarum series with a brief discussion of English church architecture and a featurette on Advent and Christmas season in the rite of Salisbury. A proper exposé on the ordo Missae and Office will come next year. I may also review Runciman's The Eastern Schism if time permits.

Thanks for your patience,
The Rad Trad

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  1. Welcome back, The Rad Trad.

    We wish you well for your new appointment.

    The outline of the proposed new Sarum series sounds most interesting and, no doubt, will be well received by all your regular Readers.

    in Domino