Tuesday, March 29, 2016

He Just Has Bad Knees

While Mr. Grump was unable to attend a Holy Thursday Mass last week, and thus was deprived of his usual immediate occasion of Triduum-related grumpiness, he was pleased to find some photos of the Roman Ordinary doing what he does best: kneeling.

This is nothing new, of course. Photos of Padre Jorge kneeling have circulated before now, although most of them have shown him kneeling at a confessional booth or prie-dieu, which are arguably easier than the quicker genuflection required at Mass. The repeated moving and kneeling required for foot-washing, though, must be awfully taxing on one's knees. I know it would be on mine.

The usual Tenebrae service on Spy Wednesday was also unattended by yours truly for practical reasons. Good Friday at least was solemnly celebrated with the proper Vespers, even if the woman in the nearest pew was rather loudly chewing gum throughout. Holy Saturday was spent finishing Dante's magnificent Paradiso—read at the Holy Father's request—and breaking the Lenten fast in diverse and delicious ways. (The Inferno also includes a vivid reminder that Our Lord spent the first Holy Saturday breaking into Hell and stealing all the Devil's most treasured things.)

Mr. Grump had intended to spam the lot of you with a mini-series of St. Joseph-related posts in March, but lacked the energy and choleric enthusiasm. He is considering doing some other hagiographical studies, if he can ever get his books and papers in order.


  1. I would like more Joseph posts, both of the positive and negative variety.

    Also, I think the pope has vindicated a presbyter vesting as a deacon for Mass.

  2. Humbler than Jesus is the unofficial motto of Our Pope and Our Cross, right?

    Franciscus has no problem washing the feet of men and women whereas poor Jesus was presumably restricted in His actions by bigotry against women.

    But Franciscus could have had his friends crown him with the Triregnum, but he didn't, even though Jesus let His enemies crown Him, so, maybe the motto requires tweaking...

    Maybe it is acceptable for this Vicar of Christ to imitate Christ only if the world is willing to accept those actions and we all know the world does not accept Jesus as King and the world does not accept the truth that Jesus only washed the feet of men and so, Humbling the Church before the world

    In any event, it is quite clear Our Pope and Our Cross is a material heretic and an antiChrist

    1. I don't want to turn this comment section into a "Bash Frankie" session, but...

      I was attending a trad parish for the first year or so of Frankie's papacy. I chose neither to jump on his bandwagon nor scrutinize every act he did to look for something wrong (as many did, whether they admit it or not). I remembered that trads had been dismissive of the "liberal Ratzinger" at first, so I was willing to give Bergoglio his chance. I still do not regret doing so.

  3. More St. Joseph stuff sounds great! If I find anything interesting from a Byzantine or Oriental tradition, I might send it your way. ;)