Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creation and Traditional Catholicism?

The Rad Trad tries not to get too personal on this blog, lest he bore readers with the details of his personal life. But in the last year the Rad Trad has actually lost a significant amount of weight by exercising regularly. He hooks up his iPhone and listens to whatever suits his fancy. A day ago he was listening to a sermon on the website, which has some excellent Lenten missions from a few years back well worth your time. This visit, the first in a long time, was not quite what the Rad Trad expected. The first sermon on the page, "Embrace the Traditional Doctrine on Creation," blasted evolution as blasphemous and the Fr. Georges Lemaitre's "big bang" theory of the primeval atom as nonsense. The Rad Trad knows some traditional Catholics are not wild about evolution or the Big Bang, but this particular priest and sermon take the cake for dissidence. Listen to his astronomical musings at 13:10:


  1. I only listened to it starting 13:10 and was left O.o

  2. Just pulled up a search on this topic since we just heard a sermon on it today. I the followed up with a google search of "was galileo wrong". Interesting stuff. Anyway. Based on your brief above, i couldn't tell if you were for this position or not. Wanted feedback from another rad trad.

    1. My opinion was more in line with Mark's above.

      I see little point in a Catholic priest defending a pre-Christian Greek astronomer's antiquated theory of orbits, and even less value in assigning theological significance to it. It recalls that old phrase "Your God is too small."

  3. Evolution is false and wrong. The Truth is that God created the world and all that is in it ex nihilo. This is Catholic Teaching.

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